Free Photoshoot

24th August 2018

On July 6th, Joint Rental Centre (JRC) ran a free studio photoshoot campaign at the OneNorth JTC LaunchPad Meeting Point, open to everyone around the area. We saw participants from all walks of life from individuals looking to update their corporate profile photos, to families who wanted a new family photo.

JRC hosted this event as a way to help startups to get properly taken head shots, as it can end up being very expensive to engage a professional photographer to do the job. Besides that, it was a great opportunity for the entrepreneur around the area to get together, network and mingle with each other forging new connections and networks. 

JRC was also able to meet new people and build connections with the companies that work around the area. It helped to spark conversation for future collaboration and allowed them to see the different startups in the area, and all the great potential that is within JTC LaunchPad. It also provided the JRC staffs to practice their photography skills in a professional environment. 

JRC lives by the ethos of helping other people to help ourselves, and therefore the event was a huge success because they were able to use their knowledge and skills to assisting the startups in the area while forging new connections and making new friends at the same time.

Free photoshoot4


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