J Rental Centre | Picture Together Terms & Conditions

PictureTogether Terms & Conditions

1.1 Submission Guidelines

- Each participant has to submit a total of 3 photographs for the competition (1 picture for each category). Participants are required to write a one-sentence caption for each photograph.

- Photographs should be taken in the past year.

- Photographs that have been published commercially, or won any awards cannot be submitted for PictureTogether competition.

- Use of Photoshop is allowed only for basic enhancements (e.g. adjusting brightness and contrast).

- Excessive manipulation of images (e.g. adding planes) is not allowed.

- Photographs are to b e submitted in 3:2 aspect ratio with a minimum of 2000 pixels on the long edge. This is to ensure photographs are not pixelated when printed.

- Submission of entry will be through email (pictgt@jrc.sg) with the subject 'PictureTogether Submission'.

- Participants are required to submit their photographs on time (submission period: 1st June 2018 - 15th July 2018).

1.2 Rules and Regulations

- Submissions any later than 15th July 2018, 2359 (+8 GMT) will not be entertained.

- J Rental Centre will not be responsible for any copyright infringement on the part of the participants.

- Judges decisions are final.

- J Rental Centre reserves the right to request for the original file of all images submitted.

- J Rental Centre has the right to print and publish submitted entries for the exhibition and/or any other promotional purposes.

- J Rental Centre reserves the right to change any of the terms at any time.

By joining this competition, you have agreed to accept the rules and regulations of PictureTogether competition.